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Have you experienced a variety of VANDALISM AND CRIMES that lasted more than 30 years from a particular neighbor.

If you think your neighbor is doing you wrong, what do you do? Report his transgressions to the police? Confront him yourself? For some homeowners, the answer is "catch him in the act. Easier said than done.

I know I can help my relative…by announcing this to the world. I promised my cousin it will stop, once and for all.

It started back when this relative of mine began  building  his house out in the country.  He noticed some electrical wirings inside the house has been cut and tampered.  His brand new car’s finish poured with acid. The heat pump connections has been loosened to make the freon escape and render the air conditioning to mal function to this day as he reported  to me.

Then he loosened the the plumbing to the solar water heater, making a mess inside the house. His modus operandi is to loosen attachments, little things that will later on lead to bigger damages. Like loosen the screw of the transmission cooler twice, rendering the transmission to overheat  of the motorhome, and become unoperable.

My relative know it was him, proof or circumstance is the M.O. When my cousin was constructing a wire fence between their common boundary with a ratchet puller, he loosened the bolt of the main pulley, so the next time my relative use it, will explode in his face. There are no other neighbor with the same access as him.

Worst of all, the neighbor killed four of my cousins pet dogs inside the cousins property with a silenced 22 caliber rifle.  Sassy, a  beautiful  german shephered that meets  my cousin on the corner of the property by the main road every time he is back from work.

Sassy the beloved dog.

That neighbor shot his roof, to make it leak and thus propagate black mold. After replacing the roof, he observed the line of fire and the trajectory lead from the house of the nasty neighbor. Not only that, the chimney pipe and cover are riddled with rifle shots.  My relative is at wits ends and leave it to you readers the answer to his problems and how to deal with this injustice, as the police will not bother due to the Statute of Limitations  expirations on these crimes.
Now it is beginning to happen again, as his progenies are doing the same thing all over again, around the property. Cameras abound my cousin’s house, so that vandalism from this particular neighbor are now limited to the range and detection of the cameras.


So now, vandalism like destruction of plantings  happen at the outskirts of my cousin’s house. Oh now, he makes calls in the wee hours of the morning and then hang up.

The neighbor’s name is Steve Auch together with his son Perry Auch. Steve is now in his late sixties, but is still active in his vandalism with Perry Auch as his surrogate. His telephone number is (916) 933-3807. His address is 1520 Winding Oak Ln., El Dorado Hills, CA. 95762


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