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by  Gordon Duff,  VT Sr. Editor

As usual, the biggest story in America is suppression of news.  There has never been a time when the media has taken such an aggressive position, not even after 9/11.  It’s more than Ukraine or Syria.

The US has not only outraged Russia and China but other nations that were once afraid of the US are now ready to hit back.  The simplest way to go after the US is to release classified intelligence showing the US as an aggressor nation or worse, a dupe, violent, dangerous and uncaring.

We forget what it was like, the carefully orchestrated orgy of hate after the nuclear demolition of the WTC and the missile attack on the Pentagon.  This is one of many shameful moments in American history, where a nation abandoned common sense and backed a gang of traitors whose common purpose, all can see now, was and is the destruction of the United States and “her freedoms.”

We have, for the first time, national intelligence agencies leaking aging but high-value material.  It is clear why.  There is a real anger at the hypocrisy of the gang running the United States and divulging intelligence that Wikileaks and Snowden are unwilling or unable to deal with, particularly as they seem to be “joined at the hip” with the mainstream media, is a way of “stirring the pot.”

Material is flooding out, American drug dealing in Afghanistan.  We learn that Mohammed Atta and the Saudi’s in the US weren’t training to attack on 9/11 but rather were being trained by the CIA to fly drugs out of Afghanistan. They were there as patsies on 9/11, ready to carry forward a childish narrative the American public had been stoked and primed to lap up.

Atta, now exposed as a Colonel with Egyptian intelligence, was their liaison with Israel and the CIA, hardly “Al Qaeda” even if such an organization actually existed.  Surveillance logs show Atta and fellow pilots living in New Jersey less than a hundred yards from a house filled with Israeli art students.

All had been under FBI surveillance, watching CIA handlers and “bagmen” coming in and out, pizza deliveries, call girls, embassy officials and lawyers, lots of them, prime Washington law firms, no budding terrorist should visit America without friends like these.


Stepping back

There is a danger in looking at the “little picture” and ignoring the global narrative.  When sitting in Tel Aviv or Moscow or Abuja, I could name a hundred cities, it is easy to see the United States as the “Evil Empire” and those plotting to erase America as the one great superpower may well be quite rational.

Look at how America has handled its leadership position in the world since the fall of the Soviet Union.  Could there be a bigger disaster?  As Jim W. Dean points out, what other nation attacks so many, stages so many color revolutions, kidnaps, imprisons and tortures without due process on such a scale?

America can’t recognize Israel or perhaps its Likudist leadership as a long-term enemy despite overwhelming evidence simply because the idea of opposing America seems unthinkable to American leaders who live in a delusional “Pollyanna” fog.

Who could hate America?

Thus, the great but not so public debate in Washington, the cooling of relations with Israel as their powerful lobby increasingly takes on an aggressive anti-American stand, can’t be properly assessed unless Americans are willing to accept full culpability for being not just “unloveable”. We must also face up to our being a clear and present danger to a world seeking self-determination and freedom, something Russia and China are offering much more convincingly.

As self-appointed “policeman of the world,” the grand enforcer for the criminal oligarchs of the world, America had not gone unnoticed. Was America’s Jewish community, long the home of not only social reformers and liberals but in Marxists steeped in foreign allegiance as well, honed into a tool to bring America to her knees?


The biggest story has been the Russian release of, not only their assessment of the use of nuclear weapons on 9/11 but their admission that they accessed the Sandia Labs investigation of 9/11.

According to documents received and published by Veterans Today, the real 9/11 investigation at “ground zero” involved gathering samples to identify the origin of the nuclear weapons used.


What Sandia Labs/DOE investigation?

John O'Neil - FBI

John O’Neil – FBI

The Sandia report found evidence, we are told through the Russian sources only as the US has never admitted this investigation, that American manufactured nuclear devices were used in the demolition of the World Trade Center.  We are told that evidence of weapons using plutonium once part of W54 nuclear warheads supposedly “scrapped” at the Pentex Plant in Amarillo were found.

We are also told that John O’Neill, the former FBI agent killed on 9/11 knew about the theft of 350 warheads which are claimed to have been sent to Israel.  The narrative, published in rough translation on VT, tells of Bush family involvement.

It also tells of the accumulated damage done to Israel’s Dimona facility in 1988 due to overuse and abuse building nuclear weapons.  We have a very secret confirmation on that from someone involved at the site, not Mordechai Vanunu.

The Sandia report, according to the Russians, is 72 meg of documents, relatively huge.  The Russians also provided names of those involved in aiding Bush 41/43 in selling the weapons, the involvement of certain British leaders currently under investigation and of the sale and use of these weapons involving 11 nations and several terror attacks around the world.

We are also told of blackmail, a plot against the Bush family forcing them to aid in the attacks on 911 rather than face a reckoning for sale of nuclear weapons to all comers. Even without a public scandal or war crimes trial, there are powerful parties in the world unwilling to let such an act go unpunished.


A Russian Intel dump

Mike Dick - an FBI bolo notice put put "in error"

Mike Dick – an FBI bolo notice put out “in error”

One statement found in a rambling narrative; “any idiot knows there are not real terrorists, they are all hired ‘guns’ working for intelligence agencies.”  Most global “watchers” had figured that one out for themselves.

This “dump” from Russia came only a few short weeks after the New York Daily News published a “sleeper” article outing 70,000 nuclear cancer victims.  What the NYDN didn’t list, however, is the dead.

What our own investigation told us, something war veterans who have seen the Gulf War Syndrome and Agent Orange scams up close, is that medical professionals treating those with radiation exposure were coerced into giving wrong diagnoses.

We have seen this so many times, “medicine,” when bowing to their masters, always turn to “toxic soup” or simply let their patients die rather than risk losing that sailboat and vacation home.  Shame on them.

We were also referred, by our Russian “friends,” to look into FBI Special Agent Mike Dick.  This is a man reviled for leaking Israeli involvement in 9/11.  He was also involved in a major investigation of Israeli/AIPAC/ADL spying, also suppressed.

A key area the Russians are also talking about is Pollard.  To understand Pollard, I am told, you have to understand who and what the Mossad really is.  This is the narrative, not one of my own.  Take it or leave it please.


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